Small Business Website Design Specialists

The internet has opened up a multitude of opportunities for small business that they never had before, in years past, this was the domain of big business with deep pockets. But now Blue Tongue Designs brings affordable and professional small business web design services to businesses of any size, from sole traders, home-based businesses & tradies to businesses of just about any size.

Our websites are ideal for businesses of any size including retailers, tradesmen, clubs, schools, sole traders and home based businesses. We also look after people just starting their first business and who have done their training through the NEIS scheme.

A professionally designed small business website can not only enhance the image of your business, but it can also…

  • Promote your products and services  to a much wider potential new customer base that is now
    • City-wide
    • State-wide
    • Country-wide
    • World-wide
  • Project an appearance of professionalism
  • Enhance your traditional advertising methods
  • Reduce your overall advertising and promotional costs
  • Help you to appear bigger that you really are

The old adage of first impressions are the most important could not be more true when it comes to websites, because there is so much competition now, you have around 30 seconds to “hook” a potential new client / customer.  If they visit your website and they don’t like what they see, they can easily bounce back out to Google and then to a competitors website that does catch their attention and give them the information or products that they require.

Having the nerdy kid around the corner design a website that looks unprofessional can actually harm your business more than help it, sure you are on the Internet, but when people visit your website (Assuming it can actually be found in Google) will take one look and head elsewhere, with the low cost of our websites, why take that chance...

Blue Tongue Designs have more than 13 years developing websites for businesses of all sizes and configurations and at a price that will not make your accountant break into a sweat.

Our websites are professionally designed (not a template off the shelf), are built around the world’s most popular CMS system that you can update yourself if required, are search engine friendly with basic SEO having been done. We can even host your new website on super-fast servers at a price that is just right.

So regardless of whether you already have a website or are starting from scratch, have a look at the small business website design packages that we offer, or, we are happy to quote on a totally custom website solution. We of course also specialise in powerful E-Commerce solutions!

Have a look at our portfolio of recent works, read some testimonials to see what our wonderful clients have said about our work then give us a call or contact us and let’s have a chat about your ideas and requirements.

Have a look at the Small Business Website packages that we offer, including powerful E-Commerce solutions.

We get small business on the web… It’s just what we do!