Feature Packed Web Hosting

An important part of the success of your website is the servers that you place it on, if they are unable to cope with the demands of your website and deliver the site too slow to visitors, they won’t stick around to wait for it to load. Speed and reliability is very important.

The web hosting that we offer is packed with features making it ideal for websites of any size and complexity, they are also optimally configured for the CMS Powered Websites that we develop for our clients. Unlike a lot of other big web hosts, we don’t penalise your site just because it is busy.

Recently, I had to perform a particular conversion operation on a client’s website which was being hosted on a very big and popular web host, it took just on 14 minutes to perform this operation, I moved this client’s website to our Web Hosting and performed the exact same conversion operation and it took just 47 seconds! Our Web Servers hardly break a sweat and have plenty of CPU power and RAM in reserve.

Our Web Hosting Plans start from just $77 per year and that gives the average Small Business Website plenty of space and bandwidth per month, and if by chance you need a bit more, we have plans to suit.

Note: There are no partial refunds for hosting that is unused and where the client decides to changes hosts.

Have a look at the 3 Web Hosting plans that we offer and compare the features, then Contact Us so that we can help you get your new Web Hosting setup and either ready for you to move your own site in, or for us to start to develop your new Small Business Website on.