Blue Tongue Designs Now Do Responsive Websites

The growing number of people who use smart phones and tablets to access websites instead of the traditional laptops and desktops if growing at a huge rate, ideally your website needs to display on such devices and look great, be easy to navigate etc. Your new website needs to be responsive to be truely mobile friendly, Blue Tongue Designs can now offer a service to design your website to be fully responsive.

We have now done a growing number of sites that look brilliant on a desktop, but even better on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, the content adjusts itself to fit the new size screen it is being displayed on, allowing the site to look even better on a mobile device.

Not just normal information type websites, but E-Commerce websites can be made mobile-ready as well.

Not every site can look exactly the same way in a responsive view, some changes may need to be made for a mobile ready site, we are happy to discuss a new mobile-ready, responsive website with you, depending on the design, it does not add a lot of extra cost to the process, so contact us about having a mobile-ready website today.