Top do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing

Nowadays, marketers are constantly looking at ways to implement mobile into their efforts to increase engagement and brand awareness. However, many times companies miss the mark by not taking the necessary precautions to ensure their campaign is executed effectively.

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Mobile Marketing: A New Weapon for B2B

Though I know that social media websites are creating a wave in the B2B industries, but sticking to one object will not help you. Marketing is not any rocket science where you will be following certain parameters every day to promote your products and services.

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5 Ways to Monitor Your Brand’s Effectiveness

Building a brand isn’t solely about numbers and figures. It’s about attracting an audience that will be an asset throughout your brand’s lifetime. Unfortunately, for a brand to be successful today, it has to distinguish itself amid the noise of thousands of others vying for attention on the same platforms.

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Flame virus spread through rogue Microsoft security certificates

The Flame virus that has infected parts of the Middle East took advantage of rogue Microsoft security certificates to deploy its malicious payload. Microsoft revealed yesterday that the infamous Flame virus gained a foothold by spoofing one of its own security certificates.

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Social Video Grows by Leaps and Bounds

Consumers may appreciate successful TV ad campaigns with interesting creative, but many still treat a commercial break as a great time to grab a snack or do some other quick chore away from the screen. Online, however, a video ad that pleases is one to be shared socially—and research indicates consumers are doing just that, and watching such ads more than ever before.

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